Cross-Cultural Psychology

Cross-cultural psychology is the study of the impact of culture on individual- and group-level psychological functioning.

Enhancing Cultural

Acquiring cultural competence is a life-long process, not a short-term achievement. As a trilingual psychologist, Aleksandra has particular expertise in working with culturally and linguistically diverse workplaces. She often works with organisations employing individuals from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and helps them to build thriving workplaces by assisting with the retention of migrant workers considering their language, values, cultural factors, migration and acculturation issues.

Aleksandra offers specific professional development and consultation packages for organisations aiming at developing cultural competence and promoting cultural safety. Strategies offered as a part of these training packages, are simple, learnable, practical, and useful. Participant develop an understanding of practices of effective cross-cultural communication that are person-centred, evidence-based, safe, ethical, and relevant to their specific industry and workplace context. The practical component of these workshops and consultation packages provides participants the opportunity to observe and participate in skill practice exercises in order to develop an understanding of what effective cross-cultural communication is and how it can be utilised in order to promote teamwork within culturally and linguistically diverse workplaces or how to interact more effectively with clients from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Research / Scholarly / Creative Works

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